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Spend more time where it matters. DailyBot automates asynchronous standup meetings and gives you a powerful dashboard to ensure your team is always on track.


How it works

Run asynchronous standup meetings

Get a daily update from every team member regardless of their time zone to see what everyone is up to or if there are any blockers without wasting valuable time.

Run asynchronous standup meetings

Know your work history

Check the daily reports to find out where the efforts have been put and how productive the team has been.

Know your work history

Improve your culture

Discover your team motivation, share transparent work reports and much more from a powerful yet simple dashboard.

Improve your culture

A friendly bot that adapts to you

Add DailyBot to Slack or Hangouts Chat and set your work preferences so our bot helps you and your team stay on track and achieve your goals.

A friendly bot that adapts to you

Our Customers

Thousands of teams already trust DailyBot to run their standup meetings.

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  • Simple integration.

  • As many teammates as you want.

  • Timezone flexibility for global teams.

  • Get a web app dashboard.

  • Get premium features.

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DailyBot Pricing
DailyBot Pricing